Audio Book -The Best That Can Happen: The Grand Trek
The Grand Trek

Audio Book -The Best That Can Happen: The Grand Trek

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Enjoy The Best That Can Happen: The Grand Trek on the go! Have earbuds? Hit the road with Kathleen, Murphy and Country Boy.

The audiobook is available in two versions:

The MP3 version takes less space (472 MB), while the WAV version takes more space (2.54 GB) but is top broadcast quality

The .WAV is somewhat crisper, but frankly, I couldn't hear much of a difference between the two. I recommend the WAV version if your device's audio output needs some help.

Narrated by Barbara Quesada, who "brings words to life." You may well have heard Barbara from her work with Bed Bath and Beyond, Burt's Bees, Costco, Chipotle, CocaCola, ESPN, Live Nation Entertainment, Hilton, Rolls Royce, Sam's Club, The Smithsonian, US AID, and the US Army - to name just some of her credits.

Her style is thoroughly engaging. It's been described as conversational and approachable - as well as wry, which suits The Grand Trek perfectly. Barbara captures the variety of characters in The Grand Trek better than I thought possible! Plus, she is a delight to work with. I'm sure you will enjoy her presentation.

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